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Post-Op Instructions for Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Post-Operative Care
  1. Sleep on your back with your head elevated 30-45 degrees; use 2 pillows for 4 - 5 days after surgery.

  2. Change dressing under nose (if present) until drainage stops.

  3. Do not blow your nose for two weeks. You may sniff back forcefully, but no noseblowing.

  4. You will have nasal packs that will be removed the day after your surgery.

  5. Keep the nasal lining tissues moist with nasal saline spray; 2 puffs per nostril 4-6 times per day will promote healing and provide comfort. Saline irrigations will also be recommended to gently flush the nose after the packs are removed on postoperative day #1. Perform nasal saline irrigations twice daily.

  6. Keep your head elevated for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling.

  7. Iced gauze pads should be applied to the eyes and cheek for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling and discoloration.

  8. Avoid foods requiring prolonged chewing and avoid excessive facial movements for one week.

  9. Brush teeth gently with a soft toothbrush only. Avoid manipulation of upper lip to keep nose at rest.

  10. The nasal packs will be removed the day after surgery. Any sutures that need to be removed will occur at postoperative day 5 and the nasal cast and splints will be removed after 7 days at your follow-up appointment. Do not disturb the cast. Keep it dry; if it gets wet, gently pat it dry. You may wash your face if you avoid the dressing.

  11. Clean the internal incisions and the external incision twice daily with a 50/50 mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide for 5 days after surgery. Use Q-tips to clean all the incisions. Once this is complete place the antibiotic ointment as prescribed on all the incisions twice daily.

  12. Once the sutures are removed at day #5 continue to utilize the hydrogen peroxide cleanings on the inside of the nose only. Apply antibiotic ointment to the inside and outside of the nose.

  13. On day #7-10 you may cease the use of hydrogen peroxide cleanings. At this stage Dr. Pryor will ask that you utilize Aquaphor ointment to both the inside and outside of the nose for a further 2 weeks.

  14. Avoid extreme physical activity including athletic activities and intercourse. You may resume light walking 3 days after surgery. Aerobic exercise, weight training, heavy lifting, and straining may be resumed 3 weeks after surgery. Don’t swim for one month since injuries are common during swimming.

  15. Absolutely avoid sun exposure, sun lamps, or tanning beds for 6 weeks after surgery. Heat may cause your nose to swell.

  16. Do not wear regular glasses or sunglasses that rest on the bridge of your nose for at least 4 weeks. We will instruct you how to tape the glasses to your forehead to avoid pressure on your nose. Contact lenses may be worn the day after surgery.

  17. Don´t be concerned if the nose, eyes, and upper lip show some swelling after removal of the dressing – this usually resolves within 7 to 14 days. In certain patients, it may require 6 months for all swelling to completely subside.

  18. Take only medications prescribed by your doctor.

  19. After the doctor removes your cast, the skin of your nose may be gently cleansed with a mild soap. Makeup may be worn as soon as the cast is removed. Any discoloration may be covered with ERASE by Max Factor or other similar products.

  20. DON´T TAKE CHANCES! If you are concerned about anything you consider significant, call us during office hours 480-423-3150.
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