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Lip Augmentation

Full lips exude beauty, youth, and sensuality, and there are now several good options for enhancing yours. New materials provide longer-lasting and more natural-looking results. Lip augmentation can be used to boost the overall size and shape of the lips, to create a more "heart-shaped" mouth, or to balance unevenly sized lips.

A number of procedures are available to achieve more beautiful lips and reverse some of the effects of aging. With aging, the muscle and soft tissue that give the lips fullness and definition around the vermillion border (the lip border) gradually atrophy or diminish. The effects of aging include general thinning of the lips as well as fine "smokers lines" radiating from the vermillion border. These lines can be the result of smoking, repetitive pursing of the lips as well as from sun exposure. These effects can be improved with the use of a variety of filler materials or surgical alterations. In some cases, a combination of these procedures is desirable for optimal results.

Dr. Pryor has multiple options for lip enhancement and will individualize these for his patients. Such options include Juvederm, Restylane, fat augmentation, and collagen injections for improvement and enhancement. Schedule a consultation today to improve your appearance.

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