Blepharoplasty Plastic Surgery
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Post-Op Instructions for Your Blepharoplasty or Eye Lid Surgery

Post-Operative Care

  1. Sleep on your back with your head elevated 30-45 degrees; use 2 pillows for 4 - 5 days after surgery.

  2. Take only the prescribed medication or Tylenol for pain control. Do not take aspirin or aspirin containing products for pain.

  3. It is important to maintain fluid intake after surgery. Meals should consist of liquids first and progress to a full diet as tolerated. You may be nauseated due to medications, so go slowly at first.

  4. Apply ice compresses to your eyes for the first 48 hours. Frozen pea bags work well, have several bags and rotate them. Place pea bags in another bag so that they will not be too cold on the skin.

  5. Clean incision lines gently with a hydrogen peroxide solution (mix 1 part water to 1 part peroxide) and Q-tips. Clean incisions 2-3 times per day.

  6. Dr. Pryor asks that you clean the incisions in this manner until all sutures are removed. After the sutures are removed on day 5 you will be asked to use only Aquaphor ointment to the incisions twice daily for a further two weeks.

  7. You may bathe the day after surgery. Showering is permitted 2 days after surgery. Do not let the force of the shower beat directly on your face.

  8. Sutures will be removed 5-6 days after surgery.

  9. Do not wear contact lenses. Ask Dr. Pryor or the nurse when you can resume wearing them.

  10. Avoid direct sun for 6 months. After this period, use a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15 if you are in the sun for prolonged periods.

  11. Avoid strenuous activity, bending over and heavy lifting for 2 weeks.
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