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Yancheng, China 2006

In 2006, Dr. Pryor left his Scottsdale, Arizona practice and visited Yancheng, China to provide needed care to children suffering from Cleft lip and Palate disorders. Smile China, a non-profit organization headed by Dr. Joseph Wong, a noteable facial plastic surgeon in Toronto, Canada led the mission and its team including Dr. Pryor. Surgical correction of facial deformities was provided to over sixty children during their stay in China. Click here for the published photo from the journey.


Phoenix, Arizona 2007

Dr. Pryor continues to assist communities that have an underserved need throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale. Patients with facial deformities including microtia (misshapen ears), cleft lip and palate, and other craniofacial deformities that have limited insurance coverage or a difficult financial situation are welcome. Dr. Pryor devotes his time and energy freely on a case by case basis to help these patients achieve functional improvement and enhanced self confidence.

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